How old do students need to be to take lessons?

Piano students need to be in the first grade and at least be able to read or track on a page. Guitar students should be at least 12 years old and big enough to hold and play a guitar correctly.

How does lesson payment work?

Students are billed around the first of each month and are billed for the lessons they actually attended. If students need to cancel or I cancel there is no charge for the lesson. You will receive an invoice in your email, You can bring cash or checks to the lesson or can click on the payment link in the email to pay online,

Do you require a certain amount of practicing? Are there expectations during the time between lessons?

To make progress I suggest a 30 minute a day practice time that is consistent, however I structure lessons so that they are self-paced and are tailored to the individual students. We all have busy lives and things happen and if a student doesn't put much effort in during the week they won't make as much progress but I don't have any set requirements. I believe in a no-pressure approach and want music to be fun.

Do I need to purchase or bring materials?

Instrumental lessons will be provided with books that will then be billed on your first invoice. Voice students will be given material and can purchase materials on an as-needed basis.